Bruce Altshuler & Richard Wentworth

Talking about the role of museums


In Faenza, at the Contemporary Art Festival curated by Carlos Basualdo, Angela Vettese and Pier Luigi Sacco, Londoner and artist Richard Wentworth and New Yorke based art historian Bruce Altshuler have been the protagonist of an intense and super engaging public conversation about Wentworth's art practice, about the ideas of progress and developement.

We've slightly shifted their discussion and asked them to reflect upon museums and institutions, and how their own experience and perception of them have changed. The result is a conversation that twists around the clear and academic perspectives given by Altshuler to the firts-person experiences of the artist.

Richard Wentworth has played a leading role in New British Sculpture since the end of the 1970s. His work, encircling the notion of objects and their use as part of our day-to-day experiences, has altered the traditional definition of sculpture as well as photography. Major solo presentations include Whitechapel Gallery (2010); 52nd Venice Biennale (2009); Tate Liverpool (2005); Artangel (2002); Bonner Kunstverein (1998); Stedelijk Museum (1994); Serpentine Gallery (1993).  From 2002 to 2010, Wentworth was 'Master of Drawing' at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine ArtOxford University and was the head of the Sculpture department at The Royal College of Art, London, for one year.

Bruce Altshuler is Director of the Program in Museum Studies in the Graduate School of Arts and Science at New York University. He is the author of Salon to Biennial: Exhibitions that Made Art History, Vol. 1, 1863-1959 (2008), The Avant-Garde in Exhibition (1994) and the monograph Isamu Noguchi (1994), and editor of Collecting the New: Museums and Contemporary Art (2005). Altshuler has lectured internationally and has written extensively about modern and contemporary art. He has been a member of the graduate faculty of the Bard Center for Curatorial Studies, and the Board of Directors of the International Association of Art Critics/United States Section.

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