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Since January 2009, Radio Papesse is a non-profit cultural association. 

Since June 2006, at Radio Papesse we have embraced radio not only as a medium but also as a language to communicate art making and art practices today. We have produced and shared documentaries and interviews and we collaborated with museums and institutions for the storytelling of exhibitions and collections.

We have worked to promote experimental sound and radiophonic productions. Since our beginnings within the Palazzo delle Papesse Contemporary Art Center in Siena, until today as guests at Villa Romana in Firenze, we have invited artists, musicians, producers and Djs to confront themselves with the rules of the radiophonic storytelling. All those years of collaborations and productions are collected into our sound archive.



• implementing the archive with new interviews and new audio acquisitions
• supporting the adoption of the Creative Commons License for all published materials in the archive and the free circulation of ideas, projects and cultural content
• supporting the production of new art projects, events and initiatives for the promotion of sound art

Be part of a community of similar spirits, radio and contemporary art enthusiasts!
In return we do offer you our expertise we've gained in these 16 years of work, the commitment and love to keep this audio heritage online, shared and open, to make it grow again for years to come.

Your contribution and help, as small as it may seem, will be used to cover Radio Papesse's management costs [web hosting and web development fees, licenses, graphics and translations, if any] and the cost of hardware research and software upgrading, to fund a small basic portfolio that always helps when participating in some co-financing bans.

Ours passion is our job and it costs hours, days and months of production, especially in making ideas become projects and works eventually. If you like Radio Papesse, if you've been listening to us for the past 11 years, if you have listened at least one interview that inspired you or an experimental sound or track that comes like a nugget in a mud river


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or you can support us as a friend and patron.

In either case you can donate or pay your 2024 membership fee [€ 10,00]
via Paypal or bank wire transfer to Radio Papesse APS:

Bank: Unicredit - Agenzia: Firenze Vecchietti
IBAN: IT 06 J 02008 02836 000401118520 

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