This is a very clear statement by the curators about how Europe is in relation with the rest of the world and how Europe can identify more with globalization and how locality and microcosm is relating with what's going on in the world. [Hedwig Fijen].

A deep and gentle voice, a woman whose enthusiasm and strenght has been the fil rouge of Manifesta, a roaming biennale that every two years reinvents itself, moves to a different city – or territory – changes its curatorial approach, its team. Manifesta would not be Manifesta without Hedwig Fijen.

We met her in Bolzano and we talked about Europe, about European identity and about Manifesta as a tool – she says - to rithink borders and limits, both geographical and mental, as a troop whose passage is usually linked to community engagement and personal and professional growth for many local young curators, artists and art professionals.

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