I don't believe in art and I don't believe in the system of art. I believe in people. [Johan Thom, Febbraio 2008]

Johan Thom, Come in peace/ Go to pieces, 2008.

On February 2nd 2008, on the occasion of the vernissage of .Za Young Art from South Africa, Johan Thom performed a four hour long new piece, titled Come in peace/Go to piece. During the course of the performance, a physical action was repeated approximately two thousands times: two figures added motor oil and crushed glass respectively onto the artist’s back, with him then raising his body and arms from a kneeling, prayer like position. This physical gesture closely resembled that of the act of surrender, of waving (in greeting or in celebration) or of an individual caught in the throes of spiritual ecstasy.  

Where does the mind fly, where does the body escape during such tiring and consuming durational pieces? We asked the artist.



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