Jota Castro - Survival Guide for Demonstrators

In conversation with Denis Isaia


Jota Castro is a French-Peruvian artist whom we met in Faenza at the Contemporary Art Festival. Well-known for his critical and political practice, Castro invites us and the viewers to constantly question our certainties and art itself, in its goals and function.

In this dialogue with Denis Isaia - held in Faenza in April 2009 at the Festival dell'Arte contemporanea - the artist talks of the works he presented in the past years at the Venice Biennale and at the Gwangju Biennale - Survival Guide for Demonstrators e A drop in the ocean. Then he talks of his first controversial work - Desiderio di Integrazione - who provoked a parlamentary inquiry at the European Commission.

Jota Castro, La palabra de los mundos, Miraflores City, Lima, Peru 2008.

He also talks of his more recent works, Hucha de los Incas, La palabra de los mundos, la Biennale della Cecenia  and of his future work at the forthcoming Venice Biennale with The fear society - last stage of the so called Urgency Pavillon.

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