Lebbeus Wood and the experimental architecture

A conversation between Christoph Kumpusch & Naeem Mohaiemen


American architect and theorist Lebbeus Woods is at the forefront of experimental architecture, being his project more a kind of speculative projects forecasting possible futures, distopic or utopic they might be. Invited by Lorenzo Fusi and Naeem Mohaiemen to take part into System Error, a group show at the Palazzo delle Papesse in Siena, he presents Martyrs, a large-scale construction comprising four red monoliths that bend under menace, almost like frigile human-like entities.

Lebbeus Wood, Martyrs, 2007, Siena.

Curator Naeem Mohaiemen and Christoph Kumpusch – Wood’s associate – talk about experimental architecture and Martyrs, from the very first epiphany to the many steps and skills and people involved in the making.

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