Marzia Migliora - 10 asterischi

About being artist in Italy


Among the artists short-listed for the Emerging Talents Prize at La Strozzina Contemporary Art Center in Florence, Marza Migliora is not emerging anylonger, being her over 35 and her work already rather mature and established.

We met Migliora in Florence on the occasion of her lecture Dieci asterischi. Una testimonianza sulla condizione dell‘artista nell‘Italia di oggi, a public talk in which she investigates the status of a young artist in Italy today, what it means to be considered a novice in the art world and how it does affect one’s art practice.

Marzia Migliora, Bianca e il suo contrario, monochannel video, 16mm film transfered to DVD, 2007, ph. Roberto Marossi

That is also what we talked about. The conversation is in Italian.

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