Moira Ricci - Nodi da sciogliere


Moira Ricci (Orbetello, Italy, 1977), has been noted in the last few year for her work 20.12.53/10.08.04, a long lasting – and still in fieri – photographic series dedicated to her mother, who died abruptly when she was still very young.  Her work interwines personal memories, magical imaginaries and archival material to which she gives new meanings, by digitally manipulating them.

20.12.53/10.08.04 is almost a mourning project, a work of psycological repair: she follows her mother tracks, by inserting a self portrait into every single photo of her, almost like a ghost in a dialogue that can speaks only of memory, nostalgia and absence. 
This interview is a very intimate account of her own personal story and practice. The conversation is in Italian. 

Moira Ricci, Mamma con maestra - “20.12.53 - 10.08.04”, 2004-2009, courtesy l’artista; Galleria Alessandro De March, Milano.   

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