Technology, globalization, memory, social control, genre and race have always been central to Shilpa Gupta’s practice.  Since – the net-art project commissioned by Tate Modern in which se uses the medium to invite visitors to log on, choose a religion and get blessed – Gupta has produced interactive works, interwining mass communication and public interventions.

We met her in San Gimignano, at the Galleria Continua, just before the opening of her solo show Second Moon and we talked another issue she is very interested in: democracy as a collective process of pushing the boundries, that - she says - it has to do with the notion of freedom that humanbeings have by default and in terms of growth we, as people, will move and we, as people, will change and we, as people, will have to break down structures. It is not to do one against the other but every structure has to change.

The interview is accompanied by One day I will hear this song stoned by Piero, available at N netlabel and by Like a Virgin by The Apartment, downloadable from


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