PORTAFORTUNA is a public program - curated by Stefano Giuri, Martina Aiazzi Mancini and Alessandra Fredianelli - that brought a group of art organizations, collectives, projects and independent spaces together in Florence, at Manifattura Tabacchi. 

Organized to celebrate TOAST Project Space's first birthday, PORTAFORTUNA joined the ranks of the already numerous fairs and meetings addressing the Italian galaxy of cultural independent initiatives and projects. It did so with a set of conversations around their life and survival tactics, by adding some interesting ideas to the current debate: beyond the we/them dichotomy, how shall we rethink the dialogue and relationships between museums and non-profit spaces? how do the independent ecosystem help artists in their post-academy limbo? Shall we replace the word independency with interdependency? shall we reflect on the role of publishing as a place 'other' than the excibition space? 

Here you can listen to the recordings of the talks [italian only, sorry!]


TALK | Economic sustainability perspectives within the independent universe
with Anna Dormio (Kunstschau, Lecce), Francesca Finotti (Brace Brace, Milano), Paolo Mele (Ramdom, Gagliano del Capo), Rebecca Moccia (FEA Lisboa), Matteo Mottin (Treti Galaxie, Torino), Incurva, Michele Bertolino (Il Coloricifio, Milano), Stefano Giuri (TOAST Project Space) and Gabriele Tosi

TALK | A space for research, production and experimentation: non profit and institutions
with Lorenzo Balbi (MAMbo, Bologna), Simone Ciglia (The Indipendent | MAXXI, Roma), Davide Da Pieve (DAS, Bologna) and Martina Aiazzi Mancini

Lorenzo Balbi. ph Giovanni Savi

TALK | Generational tensions between historic spaces and brand new projects
with Luigi Presicce (Brown Project Space, Milano), Mirko Rizzi (Marsèlleria, Milano), Estuario Project Space (Prato), Castro Project (Roma) and Francesca Manni

TALK | Independent publishing as a space for critical and artistic production
with Dafne Boggeri (SPRINT, Milano), Dario Giovanni Alì (Kabul Magazine, Torino), Pietro Gaglianò (Scripta Festival, Firenze), Valerio Mannucci (NERO Editions) and Marco Marelli (Forme Uniche).

Pietro Gaglianò. ph Giovanni Savi


Matteo Mottin, Treti Galaxie
Stefano Giuri, Martina Aiazzi Mancini e Alessandra Fredianelli


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