Resistenza is a very busy tram stop along the T1 Line. It is central to the town of Scandicci, it skirts Piazza della Resistenza, just on the opposite side of the Municipality Building. The station has been designed by architect Richard Rogers and its contemporary features and the urban landscape around it are pefect sensorial counterpoints to the selected tracks that bring us both to marginal and rural areas and to kind of idyllic sounds. Here there is our own selection: 


Music at the Handicraft Market, Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, Mexico
Accordion Player in Geneva, Switzerland

Balam Ronan
Lenght: 78 secondi
Lenght: 113 secondi

Balam Ronan is a sound artist and composer base in Geneva, Switzerland. His practice is currently focused listening and soundscaping; he works between field recordings, sound art, action art, participatory & relational art in public spaces. His soundscapes have been released by Green Field Recordings, Echomusic, Sonic Terrain, La Escucha Atenta, Auriculab and Suplex. Music at the Handicraft Market, Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, Mexico and Accordion Player in Geneva, Switzerland are two soundscapes. They are part of Ronan's Sound Menu project, which is a compilation of recordings that he have made over the past 7 years in Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Switzerland, the United States and Uruguay.

Storm in the Andes
Jeanne Debarsy
Lenght: 92 seconds

Jeanne Debarsy graduated in sound engineering at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in 2007. She collaborates with numerous artists both for cinema, radio and music productions. In 2011 she directed her first radio documentary, Ino Vaovao Mada to continue with Los Santos and Terre Noire. In 2017 she produced her first radio drama La première fois que je suis devenu foule, a binaural work which was selected for the Prix Europa, the Prix Phonurgia Nova and La semaine du son in Brussels. In 2018 she was awarded the SCAM-SACD Award for the BELGIAN RADIO. Storm in the Andes is a soundscape.

Di passaggio
Luana Lunetta
Durata: 110 seconds

Di passaggio (Passing by) it is an imaginary journey. The sounds of the leaves under the feet, the water and the steps on the gravel mark both the physical journey and the metaphor of an inner journey. The wind, the rain, the undertow of the waves, the cicadas are clearly perceptible and overtake the vehicle noise in the distance, a kind of resonant song. Di passaggio features recent field recordings and some extracts from previous works, such as Rapsodie di passaggio and Azimuth. Luana Lunetta is a sound designer and sound artist. He works as a sound engineer and music consultant for music, theater, cinema and TV.

At the field
Toni Dimitrov
Lenght: 108 seconds

Toni Dimitrov is a cultural producer and explorer, radio host and activist, philosopher and communicologist, poet and mountain climber but he is also a sound artist-dj-designer and label owner. He is based in Skopje, Macedonia. He is a radio host at Kanal 103. At the field is a soundscape. 

Outcome 1
Katatonic Silentio
Length: 120 seconds

Outcome 1 is characterized by ethereal atmospheres, slow bouncing rhythms and processed echoes coming from vintage hardware and field recordings. Katatonic Silentio is a sonic sculptor, sound designer, independent researcher in sonic and performing arts, new technologies, gender and body studies. The musical and cultural expressions she taps into, are sound art, art-ivism, cyberfeminism and queer culture.



Myriam Said
Anna Raimondo
Length: 105 seconds
[this piece is not available online as it is part of still an ongoing project by Anna Raimondo]


An encounter with Myriam-Said, the only female performer of the famous Jema el Fnaa square in Marrakech. A voice with no borders, hard to pin-point, fluid as the sea that resonates with her.
She sings a popular song form the 70s band Nass El Ghiwane, known for theis songs tied with the Moroccan resistance under king Hassan II.
This recording is part of an ongoing personal work by artsit Anna Raimondo that focuses on the complex visibile/invisibile relationship of women into the public sphere.

Anna Raimondo is an artist living and working in Bruxelles and around the Mediterranean region. She's from Naples and she often works with sound. 

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