The Alpi occidentali I-IV series was born from the idea of merging sonorities derived from drone and techno music in order to describe four alpine climbings; four different episodes in which a hypothetical climber has to face an ascent filled with moments of insecurity, impulse, tension and fear. A mountain experience in which the man's emotional states respond to impalpable vibrations of nature. The four episodes of this series take their name from four alpin peaks: Monte Thabor, Monte Malamot, Monte Tibert and Monte Clapier.

Let's climb Mount Malamot, 2.917 mt a.s.l., 45°12′05″N 6°54′31″E

Stars of the Lid, I Will Surround You, da Avec Laudendum (1999), Kranky, 2002
Emeralds, Alive in the Sea of Information, da What Happened, Editions Mego, 2010
Glitterbug, Waves, da Privilege, c.sides label, 2010
Colin Stetson, Judges, da New History Warfare vol. 2: Judges, Constellation, 2011
 Guilty C, da Guitly C / Pato, Split, Le Petit Mignon
Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald, Movement 5, da Maurice Ravel & Modest Mussorgsky recomposed by Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald, Deutsche Grammophon, 2008
Onur Ozer, Clavichordrama, da Clavichordrama EP, Cocoon Recordings, 2010
Easy Changes, Supposed Dolls, da Supposed Dolls EP, Nerv Music Records, 2010
Don Williams, Rain Reprise, da Dynamic Rain, baud music, 2010
Phanta du Prince, Bohemian Forest, da Black Noise, Rough Trade, 2010
Robag Wrhume, 48°52’N 2°21’O, da Proviant, Circus Company, 2010
Phanta du Prince, es schneit, da Black Noise, Rough Trade, 2010
Cluster, Xanesra, da Qua, Klangbad, 2009
Nurse with Wound, Colder Still, da Thunder Perfect Mind, Streamline, 1991
Black Dice, Smiling Off (ZZ pot remix), da Smiling Off, DFA, 2005

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