Radia Show 308 | Starlings from Hjert


In summer 1997 Wolfgang Müller discovered the house on the small Hjertøya Island, facing the west-norwegian city Molde, in which Kurt Schwitters stood during summertime from 1932 on. It is full of destroyed collages, writings and over and over painted plaster columns. Till a few years before the door stood open and everybody could join in. In front of the house, laying in the grasses, Wolfgang Müller listened once a starling producing strange noises. He noticed, that he already already knew these sounds. And he reminded passages of the Ursonate by Kurt Schwitters. Starlings are masters of Copyart. In 1932 on the Island Kurt Schwitters should have heared a former grandfather or grandmother of this starling singing passages of the ursonate.Wolfgang Müller recorded the voice of the copyartist-starling singing Kurt Schwitters.

Wolfgang Müller is born on 24 October, 1957, in the Lower Saxony town of Wolfsburg. Today he spends most of his time in Berlin and Reykjavík. During his high school days, he puts together a collection of his classmates' cribs. He studies at the Faculty of Graphic Design/Visual Communications at Berlin University of the Arts between 1980 and 1985. His degree show, in 1986, is presented in the Faculty of Film Design under Professor Wolfgang Ramsbott: a performance by his group Die Tödliche Doris, founded in 1980. In 1982, he publishes his book Geniale Dilletanten. A typing error becomes a theme for a collection of writings.

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