Radia Show 318 | Radio Brecht


Based on Bertolt Brecht's radio theories, this is a resounding tribute to the medium and the radio environment, produced by the TEA FM radio school 

In The Radio as an Apparatus of Communication (1927), Bertolt Brecht wrote:
"Radio is one sided when it should be two. It is purely an apparatus for distribution, for mere sharing out. So here is a positive suggestion: change this apparatus over from distribution to communication.
The radio would be the finest possible communication apparatus in public life, a vast network of pipes. That is to say, it would be if it knew how to receive as well as transmit, how to let the listener speak as well as hear, how to bring him into a relationship instead of isolating him. On this principle the radio should step out of the supply business and organise its listeners as suppliers."

Musics and lyrics by: NoblemoExperience Piano - Ruined MachinesPressure ObsessionOJourney - Hanns Eisler, Ballade vom Wasserrad.

Voices: Leonor Bruna, Manuel Alcaine, Isabel Aparicio, Reyes Casasnovas and Bertolt Brecht

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