Radia Show 370 | What you doin' taping

By Dani Gale & Achim Lengerer


What you doin' taping (radia edit), brought by Radio Papesse; produced by Dani Gal & Achim Lengerer.

Background: reordering the archives of Radio Papesse we found a cd we hadn't listened to in five years. We put it in the cd deck and got stuck with it. It was a recording of Achim Lengerer and Dani Gal's What you doin' taping?, a soundwork from 2007. We listened to it over and over and the Radia Network came as a consequence: this piece has to be listened to.

It deals with archival material and creative editing, interviews, voice and sound as a tool, it is about repetitions and loops and speaking of loops. It happens that this very same project has been the object/subject of Radia Show 228 by Radio X (Frankfurt/Main, DE) broadcasted in july/august 2009. Here is a new edit, both shows to be repeated over and over and over and over...


In 1973 British Artist William Furlong began a project of mapping the territory of contemporary art in a series of cassette editions. The Audio Arts project is a massive archive of interviews with artists ranging from Joseph Beuys to Tracey Emin but also it contains documents of exhibitions, symposia, festivals and many original acoustic works by artists.


Furlong uses sounds and voice as materials in a sculptural and creative process. His practice and work arose from his intimate association with the recorded voice. In 2007 artists Achim Lengerer and Dani Gal visited Furlong in his Audio Arts studio and recorded this sound piece as a reference to his body of work.

This Radia Show is a special edit of Lengerer and Gal's piece realized in 2007 for their project VOICEOVERHEAD. Voiceoverhead dealt with performative aspects of speech, sound documents and archived spoken language.


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