Radia Show 443 | Random time


This week Radia Show is brought to us by Radio X (Frankfurt am main) and it is produced by TBC Radio.


Time. Measure, number and rule. Rhythm and beat. Synchronization. But what if clocks run differently? if they get out of synch, stop, get rid of the regime of time zones, world time, standard time? what time do they show? and how will those come together, who - knowingly or not - set their time according to them? is it possible that in the end chance provides the only key to synchronize these times from time to time?


Random time radio examines this complex and at the same time adopts it. Its starting point is an on-site research, locating clocks and other timers that are not or not anymore in synch with standard time. Together with further time pieces and timers they feed into and become part of an alternate clockwork which in turn uses the medium of radio to the listeners to allow temporary synchronizations with alternate times. Random time radio is a temporary mechanism of the TIME BENDING CLOCK, installed for a measured time in halle as part of the ADDICTED2RANDOM radio art festival.


Random time radio is based on a live radio performance staged at the Händelhaus in the festival's open Glasshouse studio, the audible parts being broadcasted in real time by Radio Corax.

While certain elements of the clockwork were set with an archive consisting of compositions inspired by principles of time and/or random as well as various recordings of clocks, the mechanism itself was directed by random and time. There were six channels running in an autonomous random mode, playing each piece full time - but inaudible both for the public and the performer. The signal to switch into listening mode was delegated to special dice (six for the hours, six for the minutes, and six for the seconds), thrown from time to time to insert random time. Additionally, during the whole time of the performance a standard mechanical clocks were transformed into (un)clocks.

Since summer 2010, TIME BENDING CLOCK RADIO is one of the active mechanisms of the Time Bending Clock, a research project and tool looking at alternate theories and practices of measuring time, operating at the intersections of art, media, cultural history and the history of science.


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