Radia Show 504 | Datscharadio Audiokomposter


Datscharadio Audiokomposter, this weekly Radia Show, is produced by Pit Schultz with Gabi Schaffner for Reboot.fm.

From a one-hundred days broadcast on the Landesgartenschau Gießen, Datscharadio brought back an archive with audio files in a state of digital decomposition. The show takes three different depositories of audio material and traverses them to present an impossible algorithmic summary, a auto-montage of an already diverse ethno-poetic collection of todays’ garden cultures in an average mid size town in Germany.


Datscharadio is a temporary micro-broadcasting station set up, last Summer 2014, in Gießen; together with artists, guests, gardeners and an experimental audio compost station, Datscharadio investigated the German garden culture.


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