Radia Show 528 | Hidden Places

Airplane Edit Iceland


This week Radia Show takes us to Iceland with Hidden Places _ Airplane Edit Iceland, a broadcast produced by Gabi Schaffner and Pit Schultz for reboot.fm.

What comes to your mind if you think of a hidden place? Of a lost place? Of a place you found for yourself alone in the utmost wilderness. Four people share their stories. Mountain walks lead to Ice Elf City across rivers with a strange irridescent blue.

A combination of interviews and fieldrecordings, a rough edit done high up in the sky at night, in an airplace heading back to Berlin, 7000 km above the sea. 

Speakers: Jónìna Marta Arnasdóttir (IS); Susan Beattie (UK); Halldór Heiðar Bjarnason (IS); Charlotte Law (UK)
Poem Failed walk and organ snippet by Charlotte Law. Martian language bit originally by Helene Smith (1861-1929). 
Thanks to Fljótstunga Residency and to the Goethe-Institut, Munich.
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