Radia Show 540 | Fantôme


With this week Radia we're goinf to France and more precisely to Nantes with a piece by Henri Landré produced for Jet FM.

Fantôme was realized for the exhibit Ghosts’ Strips presented at “La Ferme Du Buisson” (Noisiel, France) in April, 2015.

The exhibit initiated by Gwen de Bonneval and the scenographer Philippe Dupuy, shows comic strips’ projects that never have been published, remained for years in their author’s boxes. In one of the two exhibit’s rooms, the public can listen to a 4 surround channels sound track which illustrate ghostly extracts’ pictures of these projects.

Henry Landré’s idea was to try to pursue the ghost’s presence with slidings, frictions, crackles and other voices which tickle the ear… trying to define what could be this untouchable presence.
For him, in a wider way, Radio are the Ghosts.

* Bells, crackles, frictions, guitar in the bow, amplificator, effects, recordings, mix and spatializing by Henri Landré
* Samples: Rebecca Saunders / Blue & Gray; Chris Watson / Vatnajökull
* With the voices of (in order of appearance) : Blutch, Christophe Gaultier, Hervé Tanquerelle, Cyril Pedrosa, Jean-Christophe Menu, Philippe Dupuy, Vincent Sorel, Olivier Texier, Jochen Gerner, Anne Baraou, Morgan Navarro, Benjamin Bachelier, Benoit Peeters, Pierre Maurel, Gwen De Bonneval, Loïc Sécheresse, Anne Simon, Fabrice Neaud, Glen Chapron, Michel Pirus, Dominique Petitfaux, Serge Clerc, Jean-Luc Fromental, Alexandre Franc, Fabien Vehlmann, Moebius, Nylso, Hugo Pratt & Sacha Goerg.
* Reading of the ghost’s text by Annaïck Domergue. According to the authors’ words.

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