Radia Show 544 | Sentient


This week Radia show comes directly from Paris and the studio of Radio Campus Paris.

This is a composite piece from various past and current works by OttoannA which mixes field recordings with ?acousmatic composition?, multilayered collages, fragmented narration, electronic and electroacoustic synthesis…
A sonic trip through ethereal mindscapes that intertwines the tale of Marko Stepanov, an artist and outsider, whose life was transformed by a? lightning strike whilst on a solitary mountain hike.

OttoannA's BIO
Formed in Paris in 2004 by Rodolphe Alexis and Valérie Vivancos, OttoannA have been producing sound pieces, devices, publications and participative actions. Their passion for processes has taken various shapes including a software that singles out fragments from TV news and rearranges them into a poetic litany, memories of familiar routes recorded on the edge of hypnosis, one-to-one DJ sets, transposing sounds from the streets of Paris to those of New York via boomboxes, a barely audible live set performed from inside a closet, and audio voyages by boat and in planetariums.

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