Radia Show 582 | L’Étude-aux-Études


This week Radia Show comes from Radio Grenouille in Marseille. 

L’Étude-aux-Études (Study in the Studies) is a collective working. It is a composition using different extracts out of the broadcast Les Études Sonores (The Sound Studies) on Radio Grenouille, a show produced within Atelier-Studio Euphonia, in association with the class of electroacoustic music composition of the Cité de la Musique of Marseille.

Four participants seized this sound library drawing from several broadcasts, by adding it their universe:

– Sandrine OZEROV: At the beginning
– Magali HEYRIES: suite 1 / la loi khomri ou les tribulations d’une grenouille
– Ophélie DORGANS : suite 2 / Se?n
– Jérémie DESSERTINE : end / Project DEF ultime

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