Radia Show 599 | Noisy Casseroles


This week Radia Show comes from Bruxelles and the frequencies of Radio Panik.
Noisy Casserole comes in the midst of a full week of negotiations about the TTIP, the very less-known and discussed trade Agreement between the United States and Europe.

Tuesday July 12, 2016, 8 am, European quarter.

The population reacts and voices their disapproval through civil disobedience demonstrations, known as TTIP Game Over. Three hundred people take up positions at the site of the negotiations, pans and spoons in hand to create a hullabaloo at the arrival of the negotiators. While the people beat their pots and pans, three individuals situated in a parallel space, create another version of reality. 

While a slogan is shouted loud enough to be heard across the land, encouraging the end of negotiations, the lone voice of a lost object looks back on its terrible journey towards a supermarket. While a spoon hits on a casserole, a nail scratches the back of a grill pan.

This trio explores the auditory soundscape, transporting this reality into a radiophonic fiction, as a witness in situ and as an agent of this ongoing event. The devices used are similar to the ones used by the activists: metal pans, cast-iron pans, oil cans, cans etc., anything that can make a racket. The objective is to recreate a sound experience for the public who is not on site: the radio audience, a community radio from Brussels, Radio Panik (www.radiopanik.org). 

The coalition has worked on a device based on kitchen tools and contact microphones creating fine nuances of sound, to demonstrate the significance of the pots and pans, these everyday tools for everyman, showcasing their musical dimension.

The proposed procedure is characterised by freedom and an idea of appropriation: the different objects-instruments were passed from hand to hand during the performance and everyone experienced them according to their own perception.

This sound piece is an improvisation and is produced by Geronimo, lyl6baz, ArtU.

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