Radia Show 667 | Ex Nihilo (nihil fit)

by Kinda Hassan


Lebanese artist Kinda Hassan deciphers the Marseille kaleidoscope through a sound installation titled Ex Nihilo (nihil fit), nothing comes from nothing, where she interrogates the different stories rendered invisible by the contemporary facade of the city.


In the sonic image she creates, Hassan presents the city and its port as a subject and its mirror, unveiling details of some origins, often assigned today to the margin, to oblivion. They are details that illustrate a quotidian life by the sea: hours spent waiting for boats, bodies carrying tons of goods, products animating the shelves of the city markets, trades born on the corpses of their antecedents. They are details evoking ruptures, silences and ends.


The work is an intimate encounter with a city brought back to its fundamental roots: Man and his experience with survival.

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