Radia Show 682 | The melody of a fallen tree

By Radia Collective Vienna


It’s springtime. We would like to go out and listen to the renaissance of nature. This is a radia transmission of the Vienna Radia Collective made out of different pieces about the sounds of nature:


“die herbstträumereien” was a soundinstallation for the project nixe at the musikprotokoll in Graz, Austria, 2015.


Barbara Kaiser and Ernst Reitermaier (“die audiotapete”) combined the very contemplative and peaceful considerations of Ludwig Salvator's book “Song of Trees” with fieldrecordings they had collected around the world: the sound of seawaves from Croatia, Spain, New Zealand / the noise of wind from Wales / chirping crickets from New Zealand and Burgenland / the sound of trees from upper Austria / some straw from lower Austria / creaking stairs from Styria and more ..

Favoritner Baumsong / My favorite treesong

In Favoriten the wind always blows and the naked spring trees of Laaer Wald give us a sound – or two. In the rhytmic/non-rhytmic event of spring storms the microfone is exposed to the heavy breathing of the earth. Favoriten is ‘outer-district’ of Vienna and not far from the recording location the deathsman used to execute his deadly work.

Recordings by b# in Laaer Wald, 8th of April 2018

Text written by Ambrose Bierce (The Devil’s Dictionary)

Voice by Darren Guy

Baum Traum

Written and produced by The Sir Teens.

Recorded at Sendeschluss, April 2018

Spring is the beginning of Autumn

Recorded by Marco Zinz (The Grand Post). 
Sounds available at Österreichische Bundesforste.

Arrangement and Voice by Karl H. Schönswetter.

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