Radia Show 762 | Paroles Gelées Archive n°4 / Frozen Words Archive n°4

by Marie Limoujoux


In Pantagruel Rabelais recounts the moment the bodies on the battlefield thaw, he hears sounds, screams and onomatopoeia emitting from them. This image has always nourished my sound universe. I have tried to defrost my own sounds in different ways, I have even frozen speakers and microphones and recorded the process. 


For this radio version I propose a succession of landscapes that have been frozen inside my hard disk for some years. I like to remember the experience of my recordings. My tracks become an archive. A moment of intimacy that makes me more aware. 


Marie Limoujoux is a sound artist, co-director of Viziradio, and founding member of the collective Wonder. Viziradio is a multidisciplinary platform that engages in the creation, production, broadcasting, archiving of sound and radio mediation. 


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