In 2010, the Fralib workers of Gémenos, fought against the closure of their factory when Unilever declared it unprofitable and subject to relocation to Poland. United, the Fralib workers fought hard for 1336 days – more than three and a half years – physically and legally to counter this closure and take over the factory as a cooperative. 
The SCOP - the cooperative and participative company founded in 2014 and resulting from the takeover of the Fralib factory - is still on its feet to this day.

From a field work started in 2018 and conducted over the long term, François Wong was able to collect sounds in this industrial environment and build close relationships with the people who work there. Their trajectories have come to build a singular collective destiny in industrial history. By tapping into this high-intensity soil, by conducting field interviews, he wanted to give a personal reading of a history rooted in struggle and emancipation.

Premiered at the Futura Festival 2021, presented at Wavelength 2022 and broadcast at the Biennale des Écritures du Réel), in partnership with Radio Grenouille.

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