Süden Radio #3


The abandoned railway line Castellaneta - Gioia del Colle in Apuglia - Southern Italy - is an undecided space, an heterogeneous and odd reality that, by being out of control, is a refuge for diversity, a product of the rational organization of a territory. A subnature that lies between the natural world and the artificiality of industrial and urbanization processes.


778FS comes out of a wider research project: Polisonum has walked along this abandoned railway line and by exploring, recording and photographing deserted villages, landscapes and former industrial zones - by gathering sensitive data about what can be termed third landscape - they try to portray a specific sense of spatiality, time and atmosphere. They transform the auditory space into a critical  listening environment.


Through the discovery of a marginal territory, phonography becomes a political act that makes visible what is absent in the official geography. Through the sound mapping of a territory, Polisonum makes audible what is difficult to identify in everyday life and uses sound not only as a tool, but also as a method and device for investigating the transformations of landscapes, territories and changes taking place in physical geographies and cultural heritage of the contemporary world.

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