Australis Triangle (Triangle of the South, 2013) is a deep exploration into my sound memories mixed with new sounds I recorded in Tasmania, where I landed a year ago. This isolated triangular island is far South of Australia, and that’s where I refresh my audible perception of life. Tasmanian devils roaring are mixed with Parisian catacombs field-recordings and tapes of my childhood to create a bridge between two opposite locations where I spent time. Australis Triangle is also a non-human analysis of the earth people we are, wherever we land. [Julia Drouhin]

French-Tasmanian artist Julia Drouhin has a Master in Contemporary Art and New Media and a Doctorate in Aesthetics Sciences and Technologies in Art both at the University Paris 8 Saint Denis. Since 2008 she is Artistic Director of Kontact Sonores Festival of Electroacoustic and Electronic Music. Since 2009 she collaborates with Radio Campus. Between May and June 2013 she organized the radio art event Radiophony: Haunted Air.


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