Süden Radio #3


In the 70s, ethnomusicologist Michel Giacometti visited many rural areas in Portugal to record the most genuine singing forms that accompanied the farmers’ daily lives. A TV series was produced out of this research, titled Povo que Canta.


Since 2013 Diana Combo has been working on Giacometti’s archive, through appropriation, sampling and versioning traditional chants and work songs.


Desacordo is made of Giacometti’s original recordings, samples from vinyl records and Combo’s own voice. In a porous overlapping, Diana allows other times and other bodies, those of rural Portugal, to take refuge in the present, and to be projected into the future. By singing along to those men and women, she offers her body and voice as a place of survival and reincarnation. It is through Porosity, Dissonance and Imagination that Desacordo is built. 


Desacordo is the step given after Freie Rhythmen, a piece that was broadcasted by Süden Radio 2013 .

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