EDeLIZIA Cantiere 011


EDeLIZIA Cantiere 011 is an audio synthesis of the feelings experienced in a construction site; singing pipes, rhythmic hammers, engines and the rhythm of the morning shift, the speed and the frenzy of pieceworks, the ubiquitous water, the birds and the flies. All those elements have been processed and collected, redefining arbitrarily their poignancy in order to portray the ambivalent nature of a suspended geographic spot which is not yet a proper building neither an open space.


The piece EDeLIZIA Cantiere 011 is part of the installation.
Laboratorio EDeLIZIA is a project by Ovaldo Arioldi, Paolo Ferrario e Arianna Ulian.

Machina-T comes from the recording and the processing of the engines' sound, from the urgency of an audio portrait of the dynamism of work, of the beauty, energy and rhytm of the machines. Together with Corazza tipo V it's part of a video produced for the Packaging Fair in Milan.


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