Faux Amis - False Friends


Anna Raimondo puts the language on stage and she does it using a medium that do not allow subtitles, radio.
Occasional companion in Radio Papesse's course, we dedicate her a space to discover and listen to some of her most recent works; a space to lend our hear to the linguistic Babel that animates her production with collaborations from Morocco to Germany, from Italy to France, from Spain to Belgium.

False Friends
Sound mixing: Anna Raimondo and Tony Regnauld
Produced by Kunst Radio, 2011

Electroacoustical composition for radio based on different voices telling similar words with different accents and meanings (Italian, French, Spanish, German, English). False friends, as the word suggests, are a source of misunderstandings. In the present work, they become over all sound material.
The structure starts with a list of false friends, and sentences translated by google translator. This is gradually transformed in a voices/languages no sense polifony, through a progressive superposition. Playing on pitch of voices telling the same things with differents accents, the montage becomes quicker in a sort of run between languages between them until to rip up the language in itself.

Anna Raimondo, an italian artist that lives and works in Bruxelles, completed the MA Sound Arts at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London). She has participated in several international exhibitions and festivals including the solo show Beyond voice. Me, you and everyone who is listening at Arte Contemporanea Bruxelles (BE); the 5th Marrakech Biennale (MA); Espace (Im)Media in Sporobole Art Center (Sherbrooke, CA); the collective sound exhibition Dirty Ear at Errant Bodies (Berlin, DE); as well the public sound art festival Paraphrasing Babel in Maastricht (NL); Ruído Branco at Jaqueline Martins Gallery (São Paulo, Br); the public art festival Nouzah Fenia – Festival de Casablanca (MA). Her radiophonic works have been broadcast internationally (Kunst Radio, AT; Deutschlandradio Kultur, DE; Resonance fm, UK; Arte Radio, FR; Mobile Radio Bsp, BR; Rai). Her curatorial projects are mainly focused on sound and radio art and have been presented in different venues, including the V&A Museum (London, UK); Le Cube- Independent Art Room (Rabat, MA); Spazio O’ (Milan, IT). She is co-editor with the artist Younes Baba-Ali on the radio and sound art’s platform Saout Radio. She also initiated Echoes with Amélie Agut, an itinerant pedagogic and artistic project about radio art and sonic memories. She writes for the French radio art magazine Syntone


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