Geografie del bacio

Una lettura dell’amore contemporaneo nei paesi della Valle Caudina


What does it mean to love each other in a small provincial town?

At a time when social media push us outside the territorial boundaries of our knowledge, how does dating take place in those places where the personal and collective dimensions of the community overlap, and sometimes clash?

While Valentina Ciniglio and Giuseppe Pisano were in San Martino Valle Caudina, they collected the accounts of adolescents and young adults on their understanding of love and relationships. What emerged is a complex and layered system of interconnected relationships, unfolding between the public space of the piazza and the private space of digital devices, extending outside the village; of hidden drives, of pretenses and desires. In this narrative, the returns lay bare the difficulty of finding different relational models and strategies to fight against the patriarchal system.

In carrying out this work, the authors agreed to guarantee total anonymity to all persons interviewed. Therefore, a group of professional and non-professional actors, researchers and people were asked to lend their voices.

Geografie del bacio is produced by Valentina Ciniglio and Giuseppe Pisano as part of the Summer School Metarurality, Liminaria MMXXII.

Written by Matteo Petecca

Interviews and recordings by Valentina Ciniglio and Giuseppe Pisano

Acting voices: Margherita Kay Budillon, Lorenzo Carangelo, Stefano Cuzzocrea, Tommaso Giordani, Stefano Mattozzi, Serena Olcuire Music: Davide Palmentiero

Graphic design: Toi Giordani


The authors would like to thank the APS Interzona Association, Leandro Pisano and Roma Tre University; the Municipality of San Martino Valle Caudina and the Mafariello Refuge for their hospitality. Special thanks go to all the boys and girls who shared their invaluable testimonies with them.

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