Gerasimou's Crystal Shadow

Süden Radio #3


Thinking through the city as a site for psychic resistance, the proximity of voicings that seep through both the heat and shade, the human porosity which defies the borders of concrete walls and enclosures, Gerasimou's Crystal Shadow is an homage to the city of Athens and the dusty gravel of both past and future idealism as it stains the audible pulse of its desires.


Mikatsiu (Mika Hayashi Ebbesen) is a queer feminist eurasian writer and artist, using sonic frequencies to build spatial narratives for evanescent inhabitation. Their interests are grounded in contemporary discourses that dissect the dissonant confusion of what it means to be a human being on this planet. They're currently researching and curating vocal practices together with Jule Flierl, to explore
 he question: what space is occupied when matter attunes itself to breathing?

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