Alex Calò has submitted a piece for the Revolutionary Sound call for soundworks. His work Human has been selected to be exhibited within the FreeQuencies exhibition.

Saying that I consider rather obvious to associate revolution to electronic I choose not to use synth tokens in my piece. Nonetheless my composition deals with the revolutionary perspective of the human being, but both in symbiosis and conflict with the machine. With Human I tried to tell the story of the Nineteenth century, signed by wins and losses - political, social and cultural - choosing some of the events I thought were the most representatives and emphasizing the evocative power of the speech-word. I tried to place the human being as the one and only character all thought the listening experience.  [Vincenzo Alessandro Calò]

Alessandro Calò-De Santis is an italian composer, sound engineer and producer. During the teenage years he studied in-depth Electronics and played drums, guitars and keyboards in several bands, being strongly influenced by NWOBHM and Rock culture. He decided then to explore the refined aesthetics of classical composers, studying with musicologists Paolo Emilio Carapezza at the University of Palermo, and music composition with docent Emanuele Casale at the conservatory of music Vincenzo Bellini. Influenced by Canadian personalities like R. Murray Schafer, Marshall McLuhan, David Cronenberg, Howard Shore and many others, he decided to move to Toronto at the end of November 2011, where he completed his studies in Audio Production with docents Mike Daley, Martin Pilchner, Eric McLuhan, Don Garbutt, Kathleen Farley and Tom Heron, among others. He is currently living in Canada, where he produces music of diverse genre and style, collaborating with independent film-makers, game designers and artists from any part of North America.

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