Radio Papesse was surprised to receive a box with a cd and a letter attached:

Botto & Bruno and I have decided to make this homage to Radio Papesse with this cd, which includes some experiments we are working on. Best wishes 


we have the change from another place
nothing is the same from another time
we sing all the days in this little home
we have another change from a better town


Bartolomeo Migliore: electric guitar
Botto&Bruno: text and voices

Torino, 2006

Gianfranco Botto e Roberta Bruno are born in 1963 and 1966 and live in Torino Italy. The urban landscapes of Gianfranco Botto and Roberta Bruno start from the on-site inspection of realities common to the peripheries of many Italian cities. Abandoned factories, crumbling schools, and empty, desolate places are invariable characteristics of the "diffuse" city, the contemporary metropolis that develops without rules, leaving behind anonymous spaces, often sites of violence. It's hard to make a decent life for oneself in these marginal areas, far from the historic city-centers with their wealth of monuments and the high quality and character of their urban fabric. The non-places of the periphery are spaces without identity, terrains vagues between isolated building episodes.

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