Obsil - aka composer and musician Giulio Aldinucci - has submitted a piece for our Revolutionary Sound call for soundworks. His work, Italia0.8beta, has been produced by selecting and remixing bits and cuts of Youtube low-fi videos. These documents report protests and frictions between cops and communities fighting against economical wastes and environmental crimes; their resolution and quality is low - they are spread online - as it is their soundtrack: by overlapping the audio of diverse and multiple protests, Obsil discovered that revolutions sounds more like crickets than cannons.


Revolutionary sound - a call we launched together with the Creativity Fest in Florence - has invited radio producers, composers and sound geek to submit compositions and soundworks on the theme of revolution and its sonic dimension. What's the sound of revolution? In other words, Revolutionary Sound invites to reflect on those movements and people who have fueled winds of change in political,economical, social, cultural, musical and religious contests.


Giulio Aldinucci, a.k.a. Obsil, was born in Siena in 1981. He has been active for years in the field of experimental electroacustic music and in the research of soundscape.

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