Karst Grotto

Süden Radio #3


Kasrt Grotto is an acousmatic piece that works on the most precise meaning of porosity; a porous space is a space separated by voids and therefore is an hospitable space because it can be populated…

The title, chosen for its onomatopoeic qualities and its direct references to landscape types, as well as geological spatial structures and processes, reflects the sound world of the work.

A karst is a porous topography, it is an irregular landscape with large and small caves and holes both on the surface and beneath. Nikos Stavropulos uses it as a metaphor to reflect the experience of closeness, of intimacy, of the physicality experienced in places where we come together.


Nikos Stavropoulos (Athens, 1975) is a composer of predominantly acousmatic and mixed music. He read music at the University of Wales, Bangor, where he studied composition with Andrew Lewis and completed a doctorate at the University of Sheffield under the
supervision of Adrian Moore. His music is performed and broadcast regularly around the world and has been awarded internationally on several occasions. His practice is concerned with notions of tangibility and immersivity in acousmatic experiences and the articulation of acoustic space, in the pursuit of probable aural impossibilities.

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