Marseille, Sunday Morning

Süden Radio #3


Sunday morning organ rehearsals are floating above the The Église of Saint Vincent De Paul, locally known as the Église des Réformés. Mingling with seagulls coming in from the Vieux Port are cicadas (the surprising soundmark of this city centre) and bustle from nearby avenue La Canebière.


La Cosa Preziosa (Susanna Caprara) is a sound artist originally from Italy and based in Ireland. Her soundscapes, based on her original field recordings, take real-life events and places as departure points for sonic journeys that unfold to reveal the hidden layers within, in a sensitive process guided by deep listening.

Recent projects include Invisible Histories (Limerick City Gallery of Art), Onironautica (finalist, EBU Ars Acustica Prix Palma Award 2017) and Numphé, commissioned by Penn State University as a response to a Lucien Clergue photograph.

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