Moving fragments of Saint Bruno

Süden Radio #3


Moving fragments of Saint Bruno is an imagined montage in flux. We suggest you to listen to it with open ears, but with headphones.


How many stories does a neighbourhood tell? How many stories that come spontaneously to our ears in the urban flux? This sound piece is an invitation to listen to some fragments of the Saint Bruno neighbourhood and street market, in Grenoble, France. It is not made only of voices but it's made of people that come and go. These are lost events, full of context, trapped in a record. Sound fluxes that might be or not comprehensible, that sometimes depends on our understanding. The time and the fluxes establish these small everyday frontiers between the listener and the sound, us and the others.


Luciana Santos Roça is questioning our own ability as listener to open our ears and to listen. How do we listen to and welcome these sounds? How hospitable are our ears? And by raising this question, she brings a very interesting issue forward: listening as a relational tool between us and the others…


Luciana Santos Roça is a doctorate candidate at the Institute of Architecture and Urbanism, University of São Paulo and currently she is a visiting researcher at CRESSON - Centre de Recherche sur l’Espace Sonore et l’environnement urbain, in Grenoble.
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