Lucien Gaudion for Süden Radio 2017


This soundwork has been selected via the Süden Radio #2 - Call for soundworks.

The title of this piece is inspired by the nocturnes by the Romantics composers of the beginning of the 19th Century. It places itself midway between a fictional soundscape and nocturnal music.Inspired by the vitality of the nocturnal soundscapes found in the southern regions of France, this piece offers an electronic imaginary fauna to listen to; yet, even if it recreates animal sounds, this piece triggers an anti-natural reaction, some sort of bioacoustic techno.

Born in 1981, Lucien Gaudion lives and works in Marseille since 2010, where he did study electroacoustic composition at the conservatory of music. In his work, Gaudion puts in relation the visual and plastic arts with music. He is one of the founding members of the electroacoustic label daath records. He is part of the audio-tactile collective Soma and performs in duo with Gurshad Shaheman.

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