NowHere Nowhere NoWhere

Süden Radio #3


This piece represents the Alessio Premoli's tentative of taming all the new sounds one encountes when moving into a new home, creating new soundscapes and textures. It is an extremely personal sound piece in which field recordings are used both as raw material to generate new sounds and backgrounds onto which new sound textures are layered.


NowHere Nowhere NoWhere is a long soundscape composition structured into nine episodes; it will be published as an album by Sound Against Humanity in April 2019.


The author composed and recorded NowHere Nowhere NoWhere not long after moving into a new house alone for the first time: the newness of the acoustic environment brought him to re-elaborate it and to “tame” it into something familiar, so to be able to relate to it in a constructive way.


The main idea behind this production was to break down the field recordings and to use them to imagine new soundscapes for various electroacoustic dialogues.

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