Npfai.1 - New Possibilities For African Instrument


Dimitri Voudouris is a South African electroacustic composer, who applies analytical principles of biomechanics and motion theory to his composition strategy.

He bases his technical and theoretical compositional approach in research of cognitive psycho-acoustic behavioral patterns in humans and the behavior of sound in relationship to continued environmental changes. His socio-cultural interests have led him to research the survival of music in the 21st century and the impact that media and technology have on the composer.

Founder of Unyazi, the first African electronic music festival, Voudouris is not new to digital audio and multimedia experiments and in 2006 he collaborated with urban geographer Ismail Farouk and the London School of Economics in the making of the video JHB626GP, that was chosen to represent the city of Johannesburg at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2006 and that is now on show at the Palazzo delle Papesse, within .Za - young art from South Africa.

We would like to make you listen one of the compositions of Npfai.1/Palmos/Npfai.3/Praxis, released by Pogus Productions, a label which features Electronic, Electro-Acoustic, and Experimental music. Uncompromising, non-commercial, and definitely not for everyone (unfortunately), these releases are geared towards discerning listeners.

You can now listen to Npfai.1 that stands for New Possibilities For African Instrument, an electroacoustic study for kundi and m'bira (kalimba).

Thanks to Pogus Production for the collaboration.

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