Ogni avvenimento è movimento

Produced with the support of Lucia Award 2022


A project by Compagnia I Franchi
adapted from Non ti avrei conosciuto
Seydi Rodriguez's diary
Language: IT
Duration: 31' 30''

In 2022, Radio Papesse - in collaboration with Fondazione Archivio Diaristico Nazionale - launched the 3rd edition of PREMIO LUCIA for audio production, dedicating it to five diaries that are about bodies, multiple and changing identities, about trespassing, challenges and ruptures. Of the five diaries chosen for audio adaptation, Perla Sardella and the Compagnia I Franchi decided to work on the story of Tania Ferrucci and Seydi Rodriguez Gutierrez. 

...every event is movement and movement is dance. I would like these writings to become a painting and for the painting to become a dance and for this to speak for me.

Everything around us is movement. Movement is embedded in sound, words, in memory. Through and in Seydi Rodriguez Gutierrez's voice, I Franchi retells her life as a continuous flow of sound around her, whirling between the past that resonates in the words, the sinkings of the present, the thoughts. In this short audio diary - Ogni avvenimento è un movimmento (Every event is a movement) - you will find yourself in the multiplicity of encounters, of places crossed and inhabited, in the articulate simplicity of everyday life.

I Franchi first became an association in 2021 and have a number of different personalities in their ranks: a director, two actresses, a visual designer, a composer and sound designer, an illustrator and street artist and a set and light designer.  The pursuit of this heterogeneity also lies in the desire not to use a single, predefined style in their productions, but to adapt the form according to the circumstances in which they work in order to promote a plurality of languages and visions.

Ogni evento è movimento is produced by Lemmo (sound designer) and Francesca Cassottana (actor and director)

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