Oralità pastorale

Monica Serra for Süden Radio 2017


This soundwork has been selected via the Süden Radio #2 - Call for soundworks.

Oralità pastorale - pastoral orality - is a sound archive focused on the study of the language used by shepherds o talk with animals. It is a theatre research project that aims towards a language reduction that would allow for more archaic, less structured forms of communication: phonemes, resonances, rhythms, whistles, silences, smacks and long pauses, essential in its complexity.
The archived sound material is being manipulated and thrown back as a musical part creating the basic structure for the interaction between sound, voice and body.

The second part of the Oralità Pastorale [N°2] has been realized in Sardinia between April and August 2014 in the village of Sant'Anna Arresi, and it deals with the language shepherds use with their sheep and goats flocks.

Monica Serra is an actress, a vocalist and a performer. She began studying theatre in 1995, pivotal has been the work with Rino Sudano. In 2010 she founded MICRO FRATTURE TEATRO. In 2007, together with musician Simon Balestrazzi she creates the musical duo Dream Weapon Ritual. In 2012 she directed her first documentary film, MARINA La natura del lupo.

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