Süden Radio #3


Since 2013, Pietro Bonanno and Fabio Lattuca, aka Vacuamoenia, have been investigating, through sound, the many rural villages built during the fascist period and now completely abandoned, ruins of a time of internal colonization, dystopian voids that bear the violence of history, places out of place. We listen to howling wind, stamming windows, a storm in the distance, crickets, the inner sound of a metal wreck...silence, a sonorous silence.


Panphonia, the piece we’re listening to, brings us back to the other side of every migration and displacement, to what’s left when people go away, when their imagination force them to risk for a better life. To us this piece speaks of the results of the negotiation between individuals and the globally defined fields of possibility.


VacuaMoenia - from Latin "empty walls” - is a collective of Sicilian researchers investigating the sound environment, starting from the historical, anthropological, social, and bio-acoustical abandonment coordinates, reaching the consideration of the soundscape as a pictorial palette of sounds for assignment of new aesthetic meanings thanks to the medium of recording and electro-acoustic composition.


VacuaMoenia was founded in 2013 by Pietro Bonanno and Fabio R. Lattuca who in recent years have addressed their investigation into the Sicilian rural villages built from the fascist period and now almost completely abandoned. VacuaMoenia coined the term hiking militancy, an aesthetic practice in which research and composition find a sense on the field, an exploration that takes place
both externally and internally thanks to the use of microphone techniques and equipment that allow you to listen to the landscape through the material from which it is composed.


VacuaMoenia's works have been hosted in Goldsmiths University (London, 2017), Sonic Arts Research (Belfast, 2016), Klingt gut! Festival (Hamburg, 2016), Nuit Blanche (Paris, 2013), SAE 2013 (University of Kent, 2013).

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