Featuring Cecilia Ciolle Gallucci, Zahra Ed Darrak, Laura Amponsah, Giada Pignotti and Sofia Volpi
Sound by Valeria Miracapillo
From Tania Ferrucci's diary
Language: ITA
Length: 31' 55''

In 2022, Radio Papesse - in collaboration with Fondazione Archivio Diaristico Nazionale - launched the 3rd edition of PREMIO LUCIA for audio production, dedicating it to five diaries that are about bodies, multiple and changing identities, about trespassing, challenges and ruptures. Of the five diaries chosen for audio adaptation, Perla Sardella and the Compagnia I Franchi decided to work on the story of Tania Ferrucci and Seydi Rodriguez Gutierrez. 

Nei miei okki by Tania Ferrucci is the diary behind Prima Persona Plurale by Perla Sardella.
It is a diary that should be read and watched and listened to.

Tania WRITES JUST LIKE THAT and sometimes kosì!!!!!!! Sometimes she forgets to close sentences with a full stop, as we are taught at school. Tania writes about an existence without rules and her writing reflects it. She is free to use CAPITAL letters if she feels she has to shout or wants to change her tone.

​​​How does this experimentation with odd letters, lack of punctuation and bold capital letters translate into sound form?

In Prima Persona Plurale, her words are read and interpreted by many people, in many different ways, but all together in a single room: a great live performance, a slam poetry competition in which no one wins, a single uninterrupted recording interpreted by six performers and soundtracked live.


Perla Sardella works with still and moving images, and with different formats including linear audiovisual, photography and video installations. The written and spoken word are the fundamental subject matter of almost all her work. As an author, she analyses the silent worlds of those who remain on the margins, often investigating the issue of gender, and often places new material alongside the archive.

Valeria Miracapillo deals with recordings, archives and electroacoustic performances. After attending DAMS in Rome, she specialised in composition at the Copenhagen Conservatory. A previous radio work of hers was presented at Radiophrenia 2022.

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