On September 19th, 2017, an earthquake of 7.1 degrees hit Mexico City, on the anniversary of 1985 catastrophic earthquake. The population turned to the streets to help those affected, showing an extraordinary courage and solidarity.

Silencio para rescatar brings us among the rubble of a collapsed building. It records the effort of companions and fellow soundmen, sound artists, sound designers, musicians, friends and strangers who formed the Sound Brigade. Equipped with microphones and portable recorders, they supported rescue actions by listening and detecting (among the rubble) possible signs of life, standing firm until the last minute of hope. 

Abraham Chavelas (Acapulco, Messico, 1979) is a sound artist and cultural manager. He has been coordinator and producer of artistic and cultural events since 1999: music festivals, exhibitions, performances, etc. His pieces of sound art have been activated live and exhibited in places like Bargehouse / Oxo Tower in London, The Mexican Cultural Institute of New York, Bosque Sonoro, Casa del Lago, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC) Mexico City, among others.

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