Fannie Vrillaud for Süden Radio 2017


This soundwork has been selected via the Süden Radio #2 - Call for soundworks

Stranded is part of a larger work called Imaginar Geografias, a collective project involving people from different countries working on the migration issue from different artistic perspectives.

Fannie Vrillaud (b. Faro, Portugal, 1984). Graduated in Antropology, in 2008 Vrillaud made a documentary on marionettes, Castelet XXI. She participated as producer and editor in the realization of the short film Peixe Azul (2010). In 2013 organized a course based on cinema, dance and voice in the Juvenile Detention Center of Caixas. Since 2014 Vrillaud has been focusing on sound projects and has directed and edited Ilhas for the web radio From 2016 she has been involved in Imaginar Geografias.

With Mamadou Ba, Mélanie Baufaumé, Patrick Figueiredo, Jorge Malheiros, Roberto Nascimento, Samir Samimi, Francesco Vacchiano.
Music: Compagnie Les Rémouleurs, Christian Lujan, Léo Vrillaud
Lecture from: Fabrizio Gatti, Bilal, Viaggiare, lavorare, morire da clandestini, Milano 2008.
John Torpey, The invention of the passport: surveillance, citizenship, and the state, New York 2000.
Aminata Traoré, Ceuta et Melilla: Mais pourquoi partent-ils?, Paris 2008.
Alessandro Triulzi, Long journeys. African Migrants on the road, Boston 2013.

The transcription of the documentary piece is available here


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