What is my native?

Süden Radio #3


What is my native is an acousmatic piece by composer Kuzuya Ishigami.


The deceased person I respect said..

No matter what sound it does not matter.
The sound is no matter.
The sound is spirit.
The sound is signal.
The sound is a shout.
The sound is rule.
The sound is just an information communication means.
What is your native thing?
What is your native sound?
What is my native thing?
What is my native sound?


Kuzuya Ishigami (b. 1972, Osaka/JAPAN) is composer, sound designer, sound performer and sound engineer in the field of Electro acoustic/Acousmatic/PostAcousmatic/Ambient/Noise and etc.
Since 1992, he started activities under the name of DARUIN. Since 1994, he has started composing and improvising using computers, such as the programming language “Max” etc. Since 1995 he joined the noise unit “Billy?” He learned electro-acoustic music composition at INA-GRM in 1997.
His pieces were performed at DR (DeutschlandRadio/Germnay), WDR (westdeutscher rundfunk/Germany), CCMC (Japan), JSEM (Japan), FUTURA (France), MUSLAB (Mexico), SR (Radio Saarbruecken/Germany), HR (Hessischer Rundfunk/Germany), ISCM (Stuttgart/Germany), Spark (USA), NICOGRAPH (Japan), SILENCE (Italy), VII International FKL-Symposium (Italy), ICMC (2015_USA/TEXAS) and so on. He is the founder of the independent label NEUS-318.

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