Yo soy Tu

Süden Radio #3


Yo soy tu is a soundwork by Venezuelan producer Daniel Bargach Mitre and it tells the story of Rosmery Guarita, the leader of people with disabilities in Bolivia.


In 2016 Guarita and other companions decided to use their weel-chairs to travel 370 kilometers from the city of Cochabamba to the capital of La Paz, to ask the government a benefit of 500 bolivianos (about 70 €) for people with disabilities and no chance of employement. Once there, they stood in a public vigil and demand for a minimum wage for three months they resisted a constant and brutal repression.


This piece documents that struggle. it throws dissonant bodies front and center. The boundaries are challenged:
what happens when a marginalized community occupies a public space that is not expected to?


Daniel Bargach Mitre (born in Venezuela) lives and works in Bolivia. He's a film editor, sound designer, musician and artist.
Under the name of OP3RADOR, he has released several records with labels such as Bajo Perfil Records, Ombrecordlabel, Kumbale, Pilla Records, Folcore. He's also part of the La Paz Stencil collective and in collaboration with TAFA (Itinerant Audiovisual Training Workshop) he has been promoting art experiences and community project in the Andes and the Amazon for 12 years.


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